Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to Book the tour?Alternatively,what is the process of Tour Booking?

A. Fill the personal details like name, mobile number. Next as per your requirement search in our service offerings, select the suitable section and if applicable to the particular package. Then fill the dates as per your plan. Choose the required vehicle. Press submit button, further our staff will contact you further for closing formalities. Otherwise, you can reach to our staff directly thru phone they will attend and guide you further clearly for booking process.

2. How many months in advance should I book my journey?

A. We recommend that your travel bookings should be made 3-4 months in advance, especially if you are travelling in high tourist seasons i.e. between October- March, and May – June. Depending upon your hotel booking status, we should be able to accommodate the case of late/last minute booking.

3. What are the various modes of travel on tour?

A. The modes of travel depend upon the tour, which you book. Generally, we travel by Taxi/ Cab/ Car, Tempo Traveler/ Bus as mentioned in the itinerary. For more information, refer respective tour itinerary page on the website.

Tour Price & Discount

4. What does the package tour price include or exclude?

A. The tour price is only inclusive of travel charges and its exclusive of your stay, food, sightseeing, entrance charges, toll charges, parking charges, Guide Services, etc.

5. Can we get Advance-booking benefits?

A. You can get an Advance-booking discount for any suitable tours on paying the full amount at the time of booking. Discounts are given on first cum first serve basis. They are valid for a limited period and limited tours and may vary depending on the tour and region, so book early and save thousands.


6. Should I need to pay the entire tour price lump sum while booking?

A. If payment is made at one go 15 days before the tour then you are entitled to get a discount on full payment. It is not mandatory though; you can pay the 25% registration amount to book and pay the balance payment later.

7. In case of an NRI, can I book your regular Indian tour?

A. Yes, NRI's can book at Aaryan Expeditions Pvt. Ltd..

8. Can my son/daughter residing abroad promote my tour by paying in their currency?

A. Yes, they can pay the same thru online but only in Indian currency. Any transaction charges levied by the bank will be borne by you / your son / daughter.

9. Will paying by Cheque/ DD slow my booking order?

A. We accept only Cheque in the country where we operate, however, Online Fund Transfer/Wire Transfer is the preferred mode of acceptance. In the case of local Cheque - your booking confirmation is subject to clearance of the amount. The clearing may take a transaction time of 5-10 days based on issuing bank location.

10. Can I pay by cash?

A. Yes, we accept cash payments.


11. Can I get a refund after paying the amount?

A. If we cancel the tour, the actual amount paid as paid by you will be returned. But, if you cancel the tour, the cancellation charges will be applicable as per “Terms and Conditions” mentioned in “Cancellation Policy”

12. Can I transfer my Refund amount to any other tour or to my friends or relatives tour?

A. Definitely, your refund amount is transferable to your other tour. In case, if refund amount has to be transferred to that your friends or relatives tour, you need to give a duly signed Authority Letter.

13. Is my refund amount adjustable against any part - cancellation?

A. No, the refund amount is not adjustable against part cancellation.

14. How much time does it usually take to a refund process?

A. Normally, it takes 7-8 working days to process refunds, once the guest agrees on refund amount.

15. How do I get the refund for the previously pad Booking?

A. per the Cancellation Policy, The refund amount will be credited to the same mode of payment that you had used to book the tour; the only exception, in this case, is if you had used Cash/Demand Draft in such case, the mode of payment for a refund will be 'Account Payee' Cheque only. In the case of Credit Card, the transaction would be reversed accordingly, considering the bank charges/Service charges on Credit Card payments, which is non-refundable.

General Questions

16. What is the size of a tour group?

A. Starting from group size of 2-3 to big group of 10-12 and huge group size will be around 30-50. Normally, the number of travelers varies depending on the destination and occasion planned.

17. Can we extend the stay at a destination?

A. Definitely, the stay can be extended,but you need to give the prior to the trip after booking. Additional charges will be applicable. No extensions/alterations can be accommodated when the tour is in progress.

18. Can I do any changes in my travel plan once the booking is completed?

A. Yes, it is possible to modify the travel plan. There may/will be certain charges for modifications or for cancelling the old booking and making new arrangements. The staff at our offices will assist you for the same.

19. Do you provide Leave Travel Certificate?

A. We can provide the Leave Travel Certificate, please inform us in advance about your requirement at the time of booking the tour itself.

20. What documents do I require for travelling?

A. Indian nationals need to have any valid Driving License/ Voter Card/ Adhar Card. Foreigners should carry Passport and it is mandatory.

21. Will there be any information provided before the tour departure?

A. We do give pre-departure information sheet once you book a tour, which consists information about the destination, things to carry, weather, shopping etc.

22. Will be there any restrictions for Photography at sightseeing places?

A. Photography is a great fun. At some of the sightseeing places, has to pay fee for the photography. Photography is not allowed at some of the locations. Do not photograph those objects otherwise camera/ mobile can be seized.

23. Will you suggest shopping places?

A. For authentic items, Shopping is recommended from Government Emporiums. We can take you to those places during your visit to related places. Most of the large stores will courier your purchases, and to avoid postal delays, it is advisable to carry your shopping with you. If you have any specific items on your shopping list, you may contact us we will provide you the needed information.

24. How can I contact Aaryan Expeditions Pvt. Ltd.?

A. You can reach us thru
• Contact Us page on website
• Email IDs :,,
• Contact Numbers +91 9730707888, +91 8999179806

On Tour

25. Will be there any night journeys on tour?

A. Only when it is required, we do night journeys. Normally we avoid night travelsas far as possible

26. Do we need to walk a lot on tours?

A. Usually we have to walk at sightseeing places and amusement parks, sometimes for a long distance;however, the Tour Leader will timely instruct the same.

27. Can wake-up calls be arranged on tours?

A. As per you instruction, to receive the wake-up call, you do get telephonic wakeup call through the driver, however to be on the safer side it is advisable to have your mobile alarms set.

28. What kind of helpcan be given to a disabled person or a senior citizen, who needs special assistance on tour?

A. It is not feasible to provide individual assistance, by the Guide/Team Leader considering he has to manage the entire group. We recommend Qualified companion must accompany the guest who needs such special assistance as

29. Will it be difficult while visiting places, if I carry a wheel chair?

A. Certainly, you can bring your own wheel chair and move at most of the sightseeing places but a qualified companion must accompany guest who are traveling on wheelchair.

30. Will I get drinking water during sightseeing?

A. Aaryan Expeditions Pvt. Ltd. provides 200ml water bottle to each guest, the same be mentioned in the respective tour itinerary page on the website.

31. At a particular destination, can my relative join me on the tour?

A. Yes, your relative is always welcome. S/he can join us on tour subject to your intimation to us at the time of your booking and payment of prescribed charges to make him / her eligible to join our tour and avail our services on tour.

32. Can I get any tips/ recommendations for where to shop on a tour?

A. Our Driver/ Guide will provide information about the shopping areas on tour; however, s/he will not suggest/recommend / promote any particular shop, area etc. to you.

33. What helpwill be provided, if I break the scheduled tour, because of illness?

A. If you fall sick on tour, please inform the Tour Coordinator/ Guide immediately. The Tour Coordinator will support you in making all provisions for the medical aid, doctor on call etc. However, the expenses will have to be borne by you. Here, Insurance plays a major role hence we highly recommend that you should get yourself and your family insured adequately before travel.

34. Can I get medicine on a Tour?

A. Generic medicines are available with the Team Leader. For specific medicines, we highly recommend you to carry sufficient medicines along with you on tour. While packing, distribute them evenly in different bags to ensure that you have some medicine with you in case there is any delay in getting baggage or loss.

35. How can I change or cancel the booking?

A. For changing the booking plan or cancellation, you can either mail us at or contact us via Contact No.+91 9730707888, +91 8999179806. Cancellation charges may apply as per Cancellation Policy and details mentioned in Terms and Conditions.

Tour Leader / Guide

36. Does the Tour Leader/ Guide assist us on the entire tour?

A. In case of group tours booked with Bus/ Mini-Bus, the tour leader/ guide will assist you throughout the tour. However, they are not responsible for baggage or any kind of personal belongings, which you carry by hand. Our driver will act as a guide in case of 2-4 people travelling in Cab/ Taxi, here there won’t be any Tour Leader/ Guide

37. In which language will the Tour Leader/ Guide communicate with us on tour?

A. The Tour Leader/ Guide will preferably communicate or give instructions on tour in Marathi, Hindi and if required in English (to the possible best extent).