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Trip to Ajantaand Ellora Caves

The Ajanta and Ellora caves represent Buddhist cave monuments. All over the world, these caves are regarded as masterpieces of Buddhist religious art. These caves were built in two phases, one in 2nd century BC and the second around 450-500 AC. The caves include rock cut sculptures and paintings, which are the best Indian ancient art. Archeological Survey of India (ASI) protects the caves. Since 1983, these sites are declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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The Ajanta Caves are approximately 30 rock-cut Buddhist cave monuments. These caves contain ancient monasteries and worship-halls of different Buddhist customs engraved into a 250 feet wall of rock. The caves also consist of paintings portraying the previous lives and rebirths of the Buddha, and rock-cut sculptures of Buddhist Gods. During Monsson, these caves served as a hideaway for monks and as a resting place pilgrims and travelers in ancient times. As evidenced here by records, bright colors and wall painting were abundant in Indian ancient history.

Distance and Time to Travel:

• Ajanta Caves are at a distance of 337 Kms from Pune, can be covered within 5.5 hours.
• Mumbai to Ajanta Caves is 439 Kms distance, can be covered within 7.0 hours.


During Summers, that is March to June, it will be very humid and scorching heat, the temperature almost reaching 45°C-48°C and practically difficult for travelers to enjoy the trip. In Monsoon, that is, July to September is better for the journey. It is pleasant and advisable to explore the beauty of these historical marvels in winters that is from October to February.

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The Ellora Caves are approximately 100 rock-cut Buddhist cave monuments, out of which only 34 are open for public viewing. These consist of 17 Hindu caves, 12 Buddhist caves and, 5 Jain caves. They were constructed close to one another and demonstrate the religious harmony that existed in ancient India. All Ellora monuments were built during Hindu dynasties, such as the Rashtrakuta dynasty. They constructed part of the Hindu and Buddhist caves. The Yadava dynasty constructed a number of the Jain caves. These ancient monasteries are considered as largest rock-cut monastery temple cave complex in the world.

Places of Attraction at Ajanta and Panhala:

• Grishneshwar Temple: This temple of Lord Shiva is considered as the last place of 12 Jyotirlinga. Grishneshwar means, Lord of Compassion. This temple went through several rounds of destruction, rebuilding followed by the re-destruction process during the Mughal-Maratha struggle. During the 18th century, after the fall of the Moghul Empire, under the sponsorship Queen AhilyabaiHolkar of Indore, It was rebuilt in the current form. This is now an active pilgrimage center for Hindus and attracts a huge number of devotees every day.
• Khuldabad: The place has a famous BhadraMaruti Temple. People come from Aurangabad and nearby places by walk for offering puja on Hanuman Jayanti. Mausoleum of Moghal Emperor Aurangabad and his family members can be found in this town. Even Mausoleum of noted Sufi saint Burhan-Ud-din is also present in Khuldabad.
• Daultabad Fort: Located 15 km away from Aurangabad. Often termed as one of the seven wonders of Maharashtra, this fort was built in the 12th century. Earlier known as Devgiri fort, its design makes it one of the most powerful fortresses of the medieval period. It is built on a 200m high tapering hill, which provides this fort a strategic position and protection from the enemies. Another unique aspect of this fort is its engineering genius is managing irreplaceable resources of water quite well.

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Things to Do

• Local Food: For quality food, Breakfast while going to Ajanta and after visiting Ajanta Caves, lunch can be planned at Aurangabad. Non-Veg dish Naan Khaliya is very famous. Normal Maharashtrian cuisines are available in all hotels. Deserts like Mango Rabdi, DudhiHalwa, and Apricots with cream, and GulabJamun should be tried at least once.
• Shopping Items: On the way, back Aurangabad is well known for shopping places, to buy Himroo shawls, Paithani sarees, or fabric like Mashru and Kimkhab.
• Visit nearby places like Aurangabad, Shirdi, and ShaniShinganapur etc.

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