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Murud-Janjira Tour

Murud Janjira is a marine fort, different from other forts, one of the strongest forts of India. It is Oval shaped, still in the excellent situation between the seawater. Fort walls are 40 feet in height and very strong in protection to the fort. The fort contains three splendid cannons and covers an area around 22 acres.

The name Murud Janjira is resultant from Konkani word Morod and, the Arabic word Jazeera sequentially leads to the meaning Island. Locally called Janjira, Jal Durg that Sea fort. This area is situated on an island, off a coastal village of Murud, on the Konkan coast of Raigad district, Maharashtra. Sailboats are required from Rajapuri to reach the fort.

There are diverse views about the construction of the Janjira Fort. With the consent of the Sultan of Ahmednagar, Raja Ram Rao Patil built this incomparable castle, for peaceful living from various pirates. Afterward, the Sultan's army seized the fort. Later, the fort sustained the continuous attacks by Marathas and Mughals but failed to be seized. For that reason, Janjira fort is famously known as AjinkyaKila Un-conquered Fort.


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Distance and Time to Travel:

• Murud-Janjira is at a distance of 145 kilometers from Mumbai and which can be cover within 3.5 hours.
• Murud-Janjira is at 181 kilometers away from Pune, and by road trip, it can reach within about 4.5 hours.


Being a coastal station, it is quite warm not very hot in the summer season, which lasts from March to July. The maximum temperature remains around 35⁰C, but humid. The minimum temperature at night hovers around 26⁰C. Monsoons are extremely rainy here during the months of June to September. Winter is not cold but quite cool, starts in November and lasts until February. The lowest minimum temperature in the winter month of December is 14⁰C. Maximums generally settle around 30⁰C, thus the day is pleasant and sunny.

The winter months from November to March is the best time for sightseeing. Cool winter weather is best suited for relaxation.

Outstation Cabs for Murud-Janjira

Places of Attraction at Murud-Janjira:

• Murud Beach: Not so crowded beach, a relaxing stretch with white sand. The combination of the warm water and cool breeze makes complete sense and feels incredible as well. Seeing the sunset behind the forts in the vicinity is a delightful sight.
• Ahmedganj Palace: This palace is spread on the 45-acre area. Built on a combination of Mughal and Gothic architectural styles. Now converted into a museum, this was the house of local Nawabs during their time.
• Garambi Falls: Waterfalls, from a height of 100m, falls like thunder in monsoon. Getting drenched under these waterfalls is a unique experience.
• Garambi Dam: The last ruler of the Siddi dynasty built this dam. This dam is the source of water supply to Murud town.
• Kasa Fort: Marathas built this fort nearby, in order to conquer Murud Janjira fort. This famous fort was built in an area of 9 acres.

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Things to Do

• Local Food: The local Maharashtrian cuisine is famous all over. This place is known for its local spices, famous Chikki and barfiare take away items.
• Visit nearby places like Alibaug, Lonavala, AdlabsImagica,etc.

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