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Raigad Tour

Raigad Fort or Raigad Kila is a hill fort sited on Sahyadri Mountains. It was the Capital of Maratha Empire during the period ofChatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj conquered the fort in 1656 CE from RajeChandraraoji More. He added few more buildings to the fort. Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj made the Raigad fort as his capital. In 1689, Zulfikar Khan won over Raigad fort. During the rule of Aurangzeb, it was renamed to Islamgad. Later, SiddiFathekan captured the fort and held it until 1733. Later the control over the fort was shifted to British Rulers. After independence, it is under the care of the Government of India.


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Distance and Time to Travel:

• Raigad is at a distance of 67 kilometers from Mumbai and which can be cover within 1.5 hours.
• Raigad is at 140 kilometers away from Pune, and by road trip, it can reach within about 3 hours.


Summers are hot in Raigad as the mercury reaches up to 50°C. The weather remains pleasant up to 25°C, and you will enjoy trekking or ropeway the most during winters. The ideal time to visit the Raigad Fort is from November to March as winters are not harsh here. Therefore, tourists generally avoid March to June.

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Places of Attraction at Raigad:

• Raigad Fort: It is one of the significant hill forts situated in the Mahad town. This fort is also called Gibraltar of the east
• TakmakTok: TakmakTok is a point in Raigad fort, located at an elevation of 1200m, from where; those who found guilty for breaking the rule of Shivaji Maharaj were thrown from there to die in the valley.
• Morbe Dam: It is a gravity dam on the Dhavari River near Khalapur. Supplies water to Navi-Mumbai
• Shri VaradaVinayaka Temple: This temple is one of the Ashtavinayak temples of the Hindu deity Ganesha.
• Sarasgad: Sarasgad Fort is a twin fort of Sudhagad Fort. An adventurous place for those who do trekking.
• MadheGhat, Lovely waterfall point. Wonderful place for nature lovers.
• Kondana Caves: Located on the hill ranges. This caves group has 16 Buddhist caves.
• ShivtharGhal: Hindu pilgrimage site in lush, picturesque environs featuring a historic cave & cascading waterfall.
• Shri Ballaleshwar Ashtha Vinayaka: The Ballaleshwar is the only incarnation of Ganesha that is known by his devotee's name. It is located in the village of Pali. This temple is one of the Ashtavinayak temples of the Hindu deity Ganesha

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Things to Do

• Adventurous Sports: Rappelling and Rock Climbing, Moonlight trek to Kothaligad, Lingana climbing expedition, Wildlife sanctuary walking can be explored around Raigad.
• Local Food: The local cuisine here is dominated by Maharashtrian food with a blend of South and North Indian cuisine. This place is known for its spicy food of curries and fries. Misal, spicy gravy of potatoes, peas, and other sprouts, makes for a mouth-watering meal.
• Visit nearby places like Alibaug, Murud Janjira, etc.

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